Misch Masch Publishing is a boutique press located in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2014.

We create works of speculative fiction and instructional non-fiction, and also provide consulting, writing, editing, marketing, user experience (UX), and instructional design services.




Our name is inspired by Lewis Carroll, who self-published a small periodical for friends and family called Mischmasch (later The Rectory Umbrella and Mischmasch).

We love the eclectic, independent spirit embodied by his self-published, non-traditional project. For example, it’s where Carroll first debuted his clever poem Jabberwocky as well as Through the Looking-Glass.

Mischmasch Excerpt

Carroll’s work explored worlds of fantastical wonder, with concepts that continue to challenge the norm and stretch the imagination. We strive to bring that spirit of enduring creativity to our fiction and non-fiction storytelling.




Cindy Grigg owns Misch Masch Publishing, LLC and leads our virtual team. She is the main point of contact for technical or creative services through this site.

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