Anthology Submissions

Misch Masch Publishing produces anthologies of speculative fiction–as in, weird and evocative ones, based on themes which are challenging yet tasteful.

We spend a due dose of effort thinking up niche, focused topics that nonetheless offer creative breadth to our contributing authors. If you like what we’ve come up with, you will probably like working with us on one of our anthologies.

If you would like to submit a short story for consideration, please check out our open calls for submissions, as follows.

 – Open Calls for Submissions in 2015 –

Our works for 2015 will span Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal speculative fiction.

*** We have closed our latest anthology call, which you can reference below. We hope to offer another soon, so please check back.

PSYCHOPOMPS: An Anthology – Full Description and cover art   

Our anthologies are competitive, so you may not be accepted the first time you submit a story. If so, please try again!


The following General Submission Requirements and Rules apply to all open calls for submissions organized by Misch Masch Press. These are just preliminary guidelines. Upon acceptance to our anthologies, a contract will be signed by both the author and us.

Editorial Advice:

Be weird and unusual rather than typical. Be appropriate without being timid or dancing around raw subjects, but gratuitous violence, sex, or preaching is not going to win you points from our editorial team.

Authors Must Show Proof of Writerly Striving:

 This is our most complained-about stipulation so we want to put it out there first.

We give preference to those writers with an online presence. It helps us represent you as a contributor to our book, and quite frankly, it helps us promote the book. So, if you’re just starting out, by all means still send us your story but just know that as we make final selections, your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other online feeds that feature your writing interests are taken into account.

Payment, Rights, and Distribution

We are not currently a paying market and no compensation will be issued upon acceptance into this anthology.  Misch Masch Publishing in Salt Lake City, Utah will hold all exclusive worldwide publishing rights for the duration specified by the contract (typically two years). After that, Misch Masch retains a non-exclusive right to your submission.

Just to Emphasize That Point…What’s In It for You

While we are not currently a paying market, we are willing to work with new and unrepresented authors, including debut and seasoned writers alike, in our polished and professional anthologies!

As we grow, we hope this will change. For now, all proceeds from the sale of these anthologies will belong to Misch Masch Publishing, so we can keep the machine churning. This also implies that we pay for the editing, marketing, and other publishing costs (which is good news to most authors). We therefore also retain the rights to all decisions in these areas, because we’re the ones paying for those things.

 Why Would You Submit Your Story with No Hope of Financial Remuneration?

Because you’re a new writer or want to be more prolific.

Because we hope to be a paying market in the future and you could be fostering a beneficial relationship with Misch Masch Publishing, our other authors, and our readers.

Because we are the ones paying for the super awesome cover art, the professional editing, the marketing, and a bunch of other production costs–meaning you get to be part of a polished book without having to do those things.

Because you love the vibe of our books and would love to be able to display our products as something you contributed to, further establishing yourself as an author.

What to Expect from Edits

We will edit your story in-house, then send the entire anthology to a third-party editor. Accepted authors should, therefore, expect to receive editorial adjustments.

That said, we obviously pick stories because we like them, so our goal is to preserve the organic expression we experienced as much as possible so that those who purchase the anthology can do the same.


 Sorry, no reprints are accepted, including anything that has ever appeared online in any form (personal blogs and websites included).

In-book Author Credits

If accepted, your byline is included within the book, along with your website and social media handles. We tend to also place authors’ names on the covers, but this is not always possible for every cover design.


 Contributors can expect a digital copy of the anthology if sold in e-book format as well as a physical copy if it is sold in physical format. Additional copies can be obtained according to contract specifications. We want you to have copies, so we will offer those at whatever reduced rate is available to us through our publishing partners, such as Amazon.

Mode of Submission

We do not accept mailed or print submissions. Also, please do not attempt to submit a story through our contact forms on this site. Instead, please email your story to with ‘Anthology Submission: ANTHOLOGY TITLE’ in the Subject field.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please also include links to your three online author sites as described above, in the body of your email. Then please attach the file to the email. Please do not paste your story into the body of the email.

Manuscript Formatting

 Please double-space your file in Century Schoolbook, 12-point font. Do not add headers or footers, and do not page number the manuscript. We expect to receive a fully edited version of your story.

Accepted Formats

.docx, .doc, .odt, .txt, .rtf (sorry, no .pdf)

Email for Inquiries:

All of this is intended to help us work together, so we hope we have not scared you away. We are eager to see what you come up with.

Thank you again for your interest in our anthologies!


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