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Cindy Grigg – President, Misch Masch Publishing

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Editing, Writing, and Project Management

I know my craft–which makes me the right ally for yours! – Cindy Grigg, President

  • BREADTH. Cindy’s 15+ years’ experience in project management, technical writing, editing, marketing communications, and instructional design. We’ve worked on just about every kind of document, manuscript, or business asset imaginable. Consider me curious about anything giving you trouble!
  • DEPTH. Cindy and her associates have served Fortune 100 and 500 companies, Top 10 U.S. government agencies, higher education colleges and universities, tech startups, and small businesses. We’ll elevate your projects and make it fun.
  • DETAILS. CMS (Chicago Style), AMA, AP . . . check! We handle any style preference and work with companies’ internal writing style and branding guidelines.

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